The War on Terror is a form of mass neurosis

Even if the principles we rely on are principles of great despair, we would rather be certain than uncertain. We would rather be sure of a correctly predicted negative outcome than face the realistic uncertainty of an unpredictable future even if it includes the possibility of great joy and success.

People buy immeasurable loads of bullshit for the illusion of security. In individual cases it is called being neurotic. In mass hysteria like that exemplified by the George W. Bush administration it is called "The War on Terrorism," and the systematic use of scaring people and then doing whatever you want in the name of "security" becomes a kind of boilerplate art, which the masses and the media fall for every time. Mistaking repetition for accuracy, we live for years on end in a continuous bullshit machine created by right wing nuts in the government and their PR agency, the corporate controlled media,

Brad Blanton. Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth (pp. 101-102). Kindle Edition.