Book List for 2013

Here are the upcoming books this site will cover in 2013.

Are you a Catalyst of Change? or a Conformist to The System?


Dear Ones, of you we know with certainty one undeniable truth: You came into your current 3D reality to serve as the catalysts of change that will help calm the fury and bring the inner sanctuaries and surface lands of Gaia back to center.

Children of Atlantis, you came back to free the world.

Leaders are different people


Do not be afraid to step out of the mold, for that is how leaders are born…

[D]o not despair. The pendulum swings again and your star has the momentum — moving you to brilliance.

You exist in parallel realities, and slide in and out without knowing it


You do exit from the material reality constantly, although you are rarely aware of it. At any moment of your waking or sleeping experience, you may slip into parallel worlds in which you also exist and with which you hold resonance — for whatever experience your soul requires.

No Limits, Only Possibilities


[W]e assure you that there are no limits … there are only possibilities.

— Patricia Cori. Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light (Sirian Revelations) (p. 185).

Consciousness is not easily categorized or referenced (Sorry, Mulder!)


In your quest to understand the enormity of All That Is — your desire to find your place as human beings in the multidimensional Universe — remember that life knows no limits. Consciousness cannot be classified to meet a finite set of criteria in which it can exist, for the designer, Prime Creator, is “in-finite.”

The Land of Agharta


In the deep inner world of Gaia, there lives a bustling, thriving civilization of highly evolved beings — descendants of the first Atlantean colonizers of the underground. Protected from the geophysical disturbance and upheaval that has swept your surface world for so many millions of years, the Atlanteans not only survived the last great Ice Age, but went on to create a superb world in the womb of the Earth Mother … a land of the yin vibration. A land known as Agharta.

You have chosen to be here


It is a difficult but challenging time and, therefore, you would do well to remember, no matter how your personal circumstances may otherwise appear, that you have chosen to be here.

College Degrees Are Worthless


College degrees are not worth a shit because the textbooks are full of propaganda.  When the housing bubble came along I had six years of economic study under my belt and I had no fucking clue what was going on.  Not a fucking clue.  Freidman, Keynes, Samuelson, Fisher, all fucking bull shit that I paid for with my time and money to learn shit.
Yea I am fucking pissed, the fucking housing boom/bust cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars because I did not fucking understand economics, and I teach the fucking subject at the university level.


Cable TV: The Math Doesn't Make Sense

speechisntfree (signed in using yahoo)

While we're on the subject of must see TV, let's do the math. The average 30 minute show gives you 22 minutes of program and 8 minutes of commercials which equates to 26.7%, while the average 60 minute show gives you 43 minutes of program and 17 minutes of commercials which equates to 28.3%. So let's use an average of the two percentages, which gives us 27.5% per channel for commercial calculation purposes.


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