Tomorrow's God



Do not condemn that with which you disagree.

Do not condemn that with which you disagree, nor judge it unworthy. Call it not unseemly, useless, or unholy. For I say again, everything is holy that leads you to your innermost truth, and everything does lead you there.

You should never want the final answer to anything

God is the Source of all that is creative. Answers are not creative. As soon as you think you have an answer, you stop creating. Answers kill creation.

The last thing you want is the final answer to anything. A "possible answer," maybe. An "interim answer," perhaps. But a "final answer"? Never.

Ultimately, there is only one question in life. That question is, "Who am I?" It is a question to which you never want a final answer.

Wisdom is having questions

Wisdom is not having all the right answers, it is having all the right questions.

You do not need God

First, I mean that you will experience God as being without any needs at all. Therefore, God will be needless.

Second, I mean that you will experience that you do not need God. In the times of the New Spirituality you will not conceive of yourself as needy beings, having to pray to an almighty Deity for succor and for favors. Therefore, God will be needless.

God Is Needless

Tomorrow's God is needless.

Are we from here?

You are ALL beings from Another Realm, pretending to be human.

Jesus' Greatest Message and Gift

"I observe that you do not believe in yourself. You do not believe that humans are divine. Clearly, you could use an example of that. I will be the example. I am that.

"I and the Father are One. I am the Son of God, and you and I are siblings. That means you are the sons and daughters of God as well.

God is not separate from anyone

[D]o not worry about whether people believe that you are having an actual conversation with God or a conversation with yourself. You and I know that they are one and the same. There is no God separate from you.

Everything you do affects *Everything*!

You cannot do a thing without affecting the All, because you are It, and It is you. Therefore, what you do affects It, immediately and profoundly.

Humans believe they shouldn't change beliefs

Humans believe they are not supposed to challenge what they believe. They believe in this belief perhaps most of all… Humans believe that they must believe what they believe, even if what they believe is unbelievable.

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